Configure what happens when a timer completes

When a timer is completed, the timer will count up for about 5 minutes, then reset itself.

You can change how long the timer will count up for in the Settings area, even turning it off completely.

Change the setting

  1. Tap the settings button in the main timers view. On iPhone, you can find it in the bottom of the list. On iPad, it's in the navigation bar.
  2. Tap the Reset Done Timers in Settings.
  3. Select the option for how timers should be reset when they're done.
    1. Immediately: reset the timer immediately and don't count up at all.
    2. After 5 minutes: have timers count up for 5 minutes, then reset it.
    3. After 2 hours: have timers count up for 2 hours, then reset it.
    4. After 1 day: have timers count up for 1 day, then reset it.
    5. Manually: have timers count up indefinitely until you reset it yourself.
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